This was our first experience at the clinic and despite the weather the entire event was amazing. It was so organized and well-staffed with quality coaches that were upbeat and encouraging for all levels of kids. The stations were timed and well prepared and kept the kids interested with a mix of fun and fundamentals. I look forward to next year and cannot express how impressed I was from start to finish!

Thanks for a great day!

Kim Welk

First to be said, my son who loves baseball did not want to attend the Ryan Douglass Field of Dreams Baseball Clinic and then two hours later could not wait until the following year to do it again. As a coach, I watched as the kids participate in the various stations and took mental notes so that might help teach my players in the future. I truly enjoyed all the coaches enthusiasm when instructing the kids, especially the group led by Michael McKenry whose group was charging across the outfield, bats in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs. My son and I are both looking forward to the next Field of Dreams and I have recommended the clinic to a few other parents. Thanks again for providing an opportunity for kids in the area to learn and have fun for an afternoon playing the great sport of baseball.

Douglas Larimer – Montour Youth Baseball Coach & Parent

Not originally being from the Pittsburgh area, I continue to come across people that are willing to give their time, for the benefit of others. Ryan and the coaches at this clinic are some of the best. My son had a wonderful time going through all of the drills and instruction. He received tips that he continues to practice on his own. I am very thankful to have this event as a part of my son’s baseball development.

Greg Johnston

Thank you for the clinic that you and your volunteers held for Montour Youth Baseball at the Fairhaven complex in Kennedy Township. You and your staff were very organized ensuring all the kids were signed in and split up into groups so every kid was engaged during the entire clinic. The kids attending your clinic got a well rounded lesson on a variety of baseball fundamentals including fielding, pitching, hitting and base running. Your clinic not only taught the kids about the various aspects of the game but also promoted having fun and good sportsmanship. As a parent and coach, the clinic provides insight into additional drills that can incorporated into other practice sessions.

John Esposito – Montour Youth Baseball Parent & Coach


You made a difference in a young boy’s life with your clinic today. I know it takes you away from your family but the gift of your time and experience really does make a difference with these kids. Parents push their kids to win-win-win and I miss the part of the sport that makes the child a better person in life. I want my son to learn the principles of winning AND losing as a team, being respectful, being a role model for younger kids, making and meeting personal goals and those concepts so easily get bypassed in today’s society.

I looked at the homepage for your clinic and saw exactly what I want for my son. Sean was so honored to learn things from you today and thrilled just to be there with you. The clinic t-shirt will be a great memento and his autographed mitt is now a treasure to keep you with him during his own games.

I can’t thank you enough for traveling around and motivating these kids and just wanted to let you know that you touched a life, not just with the three hours he spent at the clinic, but with the memories that will last afterward.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great day in Pittsburgh!

Debbie Logue

Dear Mr. Douglass,

I just wanted to send a letter of thanks for coming to the Banksville Athletic Association and conducting your clinic for our youth. The coaches of our organization take great pride in instructing our children and providing proper direction in sports, as well as life. We always appreciate a helping hand, and the tools that you provided to them in the time that you were there will hopefully stick with them for many years to come.

You and your staff possess a wealth of knowledge, and I think it is great that all of you take the time to travel to different organizations and instill your knowledge and experiences, and also the work ethic needed to succeed. Please do not ever lose sight of the fact that the services you provide are for young children, and are potential life lessons that will be remembered throughout their athletic years.

Once again, thanks for your time and good luck in your training endeavors. We wish you a ton of success in the future.


Brian J. Matts


I would like to thank you for the clinic that you and your staff held for Dormont Athletic Boosters Association. The kids responded so well to you and all of your staff. The stations that you set up were very organized and each child walked away learning alot about each aspect of the game. The coaches clinic was wonderful too, especially the points on teaching pitching to young boys was especially helpful. You have a great program. Keep up the good work!!

Terry Halligan – Dormont Athletic Boosters Association (DABA)


The Field of Dreams clinics at CIT have been fabulous. Ryan and his team share a lot of excitement for the game and the kids respond. As a coach, I have always picked up some great tips, drills and strategies just by being a part of these clinics. I hope these continue for years to come. This annual clinic is enjoyed by all and greatly improves CIT baseball!

Scott Albert – CIT Parent & Coach


Thanks for everything you and your group of coaches have done for our Little League Baseball system. From Pitching and Fielding, talking about the importance of warming-up and the proper use of techniques has greatly improved not only the skills of the kids but the coaches as well.

The Hitting instruction has proven to be a big “HIT”, our kids loved working with you. I would recommend you to everyone.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to seeing you again this year.

Best regards,

Joe Palahunik – Sto-Rox Baseball Little League Association