The Field of Dreams Clinics

The Ryan Douglass Field of Dreams Baseball Clinics are for 6-12 year old children (but won’t turn older or younger children away who are there) and consists of hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running instructions. These clinics are held at various athletic associations around the Pittsburgh area.

These clinics help to encourage and increase children’s interest in baseball/softball and also give them the self esteem they need for teamwork concepts. The children that participate will learn the correct fundamentals for baseball/softball for future use and an overall knowledge of the sport.

Whenever children first arrive they will sign in and receive a shirt to wear during the clinic. The clinic starts out with an introduction of Ryan Douglass and his coaching staff and what will be going on during the clinic. Next, the children line up behind cones and begin jogging, high knees, butt kickers, sprints, etc. to get loose. Then they walk out in that same line to face Ryan and start their stretching (which is very important before any physical activities).

After stretching, the children gather up so Ryan can go over the proper throwing mechanics in playing catch before a game or practice. Then the children go to the foul lines of the fields or locations of the stations. They will play catch to loosen their arms for about 10 minutes. Concluding throwing the stations begin.

The four stations again are Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, and Base Running. Each station is roughly 15-20 minutes long. After the 15-20 minutes is up an AIR HORN will go off and that group will rotate to the next designated station. After, the four stations are over for each group the children once again gather around Ryan for a brief recap of the clinic and thank you’s for attending.

Leaving the field each child receives a bottle of water coupons to Dick’s Sporting Goods and a raffle ticket for prizes that are given away.